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Scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina have found that women need more sleep than men.But the problem is that actually women most of the time doesn’t get enough sleep.The best best that you could do for your loved person is to let her sleep a few hours more.

Scientists say that if women do not get enough sleep it will have a negative impact on their physical and mental state.The lack of sleep will increase the risk of heart disease, depression and mental problems.Women who do not sleep enough also have a greater chance of clotting of blood, which can lead to stroke.

Lack of sleep also can increase inflammation markers in women which can cause additional health problems.

Inflammation markers are associated with pain, which, according to Dr. Michael Breus means that women can wake up with more pain.This leads to conculsion that every girl/woman in the morning is feeling grumpy.

In contrast to women, men’s health is not related to the length of sleep.

Research has shown that when men did not increase the risk of developing the disease as women when they didn’t sleep enough.

Dr. Breus said that women are more depressed, more angry and nervous in the morning.

But what if you can not sleep at night? Then Dr. Breus advises try taking strategic naps.

However, these naps should take about 25 to 90 minutes.If you sleep more then this time you may feel even worse when you wake up.

Another reason why women need more sleep is that their brain is more active than men.Their brain is not just more active,but they use also their brain more.And therefore how much more you use your brain so you will need more time to recover it during sleep.

It is important to note that a man who has a complex job where he need to think alot and make decisions he should also sleep more then avarage.

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