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The small hairs that grow on the area above the lips can be very annoying for all women. These hairs can grow long, thick and dark giving the appearance of a mustache affecting the smooth feminine features of the face.

I am telling you a way to remove those annoying hairs, without any pain at home.
All you need is:

  • turmeric powder – just one teaspoon
  • chickpea flour – 2 teaspoons
  • some milk or yogurt

Mix all this ingredients and make a paste from it. You need to apply this remedy on your face, where you have unwanted facial hair and you wish to remove them. Leave it for 20 minutes, until it’s completely dry. Then, clean it off with a clean cotton towel or a tooth brush soaked in warm water and wash it off.

Turmeric powder is extremely powerful and useful compound in this homemade remedy, because it cleanses your skin deeply, and it removes dead skin cells and other “dirt” of the surface of your facial skin. It also improves the work of the lymph glands and it also improves the blood circulation. Turmeric powder is extremely beneficial cause of its anti-inflammatory properties, it fights acne, improves the health of your skin and it increases the natural pH value of the skin.

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