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Ever wondered how healthy your semen is? Though there is no way to measure how well your little soldiers are doing just by looking at them, you can watch your body closely to find out how well your sperm is doing. Here are 7 signs that prove your semen is healthy and strong.

1. You Don’t Look Overtly Masculine

This certainly is bad news for guys who take pride in their masculine features. If you are just an average-looking guy, you can rejoice, for you are bound to be more active below the belt. Men who tend to have broader and wider faces are tend to have weaker semen than not-so-masculine guys.

If your favorite non-veg foods include fish and other seafood, you can relax, for your sperm is healthy as ever. Experts are of the opinion that men who prefer cured meat have lower amounts of sperm when compared to those who love fish. Guys who consume large amounts of fish, especially tuna and salmon are believed to have semen that is 65 percent greater than the ones who consume processed meats.

3. You Are A Boxer Shorts Man

If you prefer the airiness of boxer shorts to the tightness of your briefs, you know better! Tight underwear tends to suffocate your sperm, making it difficult for them to reach the egg and fertilize it. Boxer shorts reduce the scrotal temperature of your body, thus improving the quality of semen. Some studies even prove how heightened scrotal temperatures can mess with the sperm production in your body.

If you manage to keep your middle section flat, your sperm is expected to be in good condition. You don’t even have to sport a six pack; just a flat tummy would do. Studies show that men with larger waists have lower concentration of sperm when compared to men with thinner waists. Though there is no conclusion regarding why a flabby gut is bad for semen, scientists are of the opinion that carrying unwanted weight around your midsection might mess with the production as well as release of sperm.

5. You Don’t Store Your Food In Plastic Containers

If you don’t have the habit of shoving your left-overs into plastic containers, your sperm might be healthier. Though scientists have been unable to find out the exact reason behind this, the chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) which is present in plastic is responsible for this when it enters your body while food is heated in plastic containers. Studies prove that men with high BPA levels in their urine have lower sperm count.

6. You Don’t Have A Deep Voice

Fret no more because you don’t possess that bassy, throaty voice which is considered manly. It might actually be good for you. Studies have observed how men with deep, masculine voices don’t score well when it comes to sperm count. Experts opine that masculine features involve a large amount of testosterone in the body, which can actually hinder one’s sperm production.

7. You Visit The Gym Regularly

Researchers have concluded that men who hit the gym regularly for 15 hours or more per week have a higher sperm count than the ones who don’t. Regular exercise helps you tone down and also regulates the amount of antioxidants in your system. So hitting the gym on a daily basis can keep your semen safe from free radicals.

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