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Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on earth.

They contain a range of beneficial plant compounds, unrivaled by other foods.

Many studies have shown that they have incredible benefits for your body, and may lower the risk of all sorts of diseases.

The research found out that pomegranate extract is very helpful in cardiovascular diseases, due to it helping the thickening of the coronary arteries.

  • This fruit offers excellent benefits including:

-Inflammation reduce;
-Protects the newborns (drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy will protect the baby’s brain);
-Regulating high blood pressure;
-Reduces plaque deposits in the arteries and prevents blood clots;
-Improves the blood flow in the cardiovascular system;
-Prevents heart diseases and heart attacks;
-Decreases bad LDL cholesterol levels;
-Defeat inflammations;
-Improves liver function;
-It shows beneficial for the teeth;
-Protects DNA;
-Helps in fighting infections as it is rich in vitamin C;
-Its regular consumption prevents breast, prostate cancer, diabetes, and lymphoma;
-Lowers the body fat, especially the most dangerous fat type – visceral fat;

The best alternative will be raw pomegranate. You may also consume it in your desserts and salads. When you purchase them, always pick the one richest in color without any spots and cuts; the best one is the largest, the smoothest, and the firmest. Keep them in a dry and cool place and they will be eatable for month.
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