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Most people have this amazing spice at home but they forget to use it regularly. But, after you read this article you’ll definitely start adding cumin to all your favorite dishes.

Cumin comes from India and it’s believed that it has superb healing powers, which is the primary reason why this spice is often included into the Ayurveda healing methods. Apart from being used in Ayurdveda, there are also thousands of people around the world who enjoy the cumin healing benefits by adding it to their regular meals. Continue reading to find out why cumin is great for your body:

Colds and coughs– Among its other uses, cumin can also have some antiseptic properties. It can help you rid of phlegm from your chests and beat your cough and cold in a fast and effective way. Here is a tip on how to use it: Add some cumin seeds in water and let them boil for 3 minutes. Leave the prepared mix to cool down and then drink it up.

Anemia – Cumin contains high concentrations of iron, which makes it extremely helpful for people suffering from anemia. By adding it into your diet you can make a great change in your blood properties. Because of this, doctors usually recommend cumin for pregnant women as it helps them in maintaining the iron levels in their blood.

Liver detoxification – Doctors claim that cumin can also help the detox process and rid the body of toxins. This is good for your overall health and especially for your liver, because it’s the organ which is mostly affected by the toxins accumulated in your body.

A sleeping disorder – if you have problems sleeping, there is no harm in trying out our recipe. Make a mix of ½ tsp. of roasted cumin powder and a mashed banana and eat it at night, after your dinner.

Diabetes–cumin can also be extremely helpful in the process of treating diabetes –just put some cumin spice in a glass of water and drink it. Repeat the process 2 times a day until you notice an improvement.

Heartburn – The cumin powder can also be very useful with heartburn regulation. All you need to do is put a pinch of cumin in your mouth and hold it for a moment before swallowing. If you can’t solve the problem with this process, you cantry a mix of cumin, sugar and coriander powder (equal amounts). Consume 2 teaspoons of the mix every morning with a glass of water, and before you know it your heartburn will be relieved.

Constipation – It’s known that cumin can speed up your metabolism by helping with bowel movements. If you want to try it, just mix some cumin, ginger, curry powder and dark pepper in equal amounts and then add some salt and a bit of butter. Use this mix to spice up your rice dish.

Stomach pains – Cumin is also great for fixingvarious stomach-related issues. Just add 3 grams of cumin powder in a small glass with cool water. Consume 2 times per day.

Acid reflux – Cumin is a great indigestion treatment. Just make a mix of cumin, ocean salt, ginger powder and pepper (equal amounts) grind themuntil they turn to fine powder. Then add 1 tbsp. of the prepared mix into a glass of water and drink after every meal.

Intestinal parasites – You can use cumin for disposing of your intestinal parasites, and all you’ll need is some water and cumin: add 15gm of cumin in 400 ml water and boil until there is only 100 ml liquid left. Consume 20 – 40 ml of the prepared beverage every day.

Diarrhea – Cumin is very beneficial for balancing the stomach and the intestines, so it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can treat diarrhea. Just add 5gm of cumin to your meal.

Vomiting – Cumin can help you when it comes to chronic vomiting. Make a blend of 1tbs. of cumin and a bit of honey. Consume this blend after every meal until you feel improvement.

If you have some of the problems listed above, don’t hesitate to try our remedies and witness the power of this simple spice. If we were able to help you in any way,please share the article with your friends and family.

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