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Being constipated means your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal. Almost everyone goes through it sooner or later.

Although it’s not usually serious, you’ll feel much better when your body is back on track.

The normal length of time between bowel movements varies widely from person to person. Some people have them three times a day. Others have them only once or twice a week.

Going longer than 3 or more days without one, though, is usually too long. After 3 days, the stool or feces become harder and more difficult to pass.

Constipation can be caused by many things, such as: absence of movement, excess of stress, age, medicines, certain vitamins, not sufficient fibers and not enough water. But, it can also be the side effect of an illness, in which case you must consult with your doctor to prescribe you the treatment for this condition, so that the problem could be solved.

You must know that this natural laxative is also familiar in hospitals, because it has been demonstrated effectively for the most serious cases of constipation and even the doctors prescribe it as a medicine. This homemade recipe is very simple and easy to do.

The best thing is that it works very well. You will be surprised by the results! You only have to follow these simple instructions.

You need:

-150 g of dates (1 cup)

-150 g of plums (1 cup)

-5 cups of boiled water (less water for a thicker marmalade)

First of all, you need to cut the dates and the plums and add them in the boiling water. Then, you need to cook until the mixture thickens. These ingredients should be enough for 20 (1 tbs.) portions.

This mixture is useful and beneficial for people of all ages. You can consume it as an addition to your breakfast in the morning, with a glass of yoghurt, a bowl of cereals or whatever you prefer.

How does this work?

Plums are loaded with fiber, but they also contain sorbitol, which relieves the constipation in several hours. You also can also try to put some plums in a glass of water and leave them like that overnight. Drink the water and eat the plums in the morning. This will certainly help, but don’t consume too much, because it can cause diarrhea.

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