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In China, jiaogulan, or Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is referred to as the “immortality” herb. Elsewhere, jiaogulan is called southern ginseng (despite not being related to the ginsengs of the Panax family). It gets its name, however, because it shares similar adaptogenicand antioxidant properties as ginseng. Some research even suggests jiaogulan may be more powerful.

Ginseng On Steroids

Plants in the ginseng family, Panax ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, Panax notiginseng and their cousin, eleuthero, are potent energy tonics and adaptogens. They contain upwards of thirty different saponins, potent plant compounds that provide an energy boost and encourage good health.

Jiaogulan is a stand-out, offering a whopping 82 saponins. That’s more than three times the power of ginseng! And, it’s loaded with oxygen-rich polysaccharides that offer extra support.

Boost Your Energy with Jiaogulan

Although jiaogulan is regarded as an athletic performance booster, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience its benefits. Your energy level depends on how well your cells create energy. To create this energy, your cells need oxygen and they need protection from free radicals that disrupt the process. Many of jiaogulan’s saponins act as antioxidants to support the energy-production process. And, studies suggest the polysaccharides promote endurance, stamina, and reduce fatigue.

11 Additional Benefits of Jiaogulan

Studies have found jiaogulan offers a wide range of other health benefits, including…

  1. Promotes vascular flexibility and encourages blood flow
  2. Soothes irritation
  3. Supports normal cholesterol levels
  4. Promotes normal blood sugar
  5. Encourages a healthy weight
  6. Helps with blood pressure maintenance
  7. Supports the immune system
  8. Supports liver function
  9. Promotes awareness and mental sharpness
  10. Encourages a relaxed state
  11. Calms tense muscles

How to Supplement With Wildcrafted Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan is available as a loose-leaf tea or in capsule form. Serving sizes vary, so follow the directions on the label. Jiaogulan may have a blood thinning effect so you should check with your doctor before consuming.

I recommend wildcrafted jiaogulan, it’s what I used in the formulation of Ginseng Fuzion™, a blend of adaptogens, including eleuthero, American ginseng, and Tienchi ginseng.

Have you tried jiaogulan? What effects did you experience? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.




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