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Smart snacking is vital for diabetes 2 people and regulating the blood sugar. When hunger occurs, dips and spikes in the glucose occur too and this causes dizziness, weakness, irritability. Healthy snacks help a lot here and regulate blood sugar for the day.

These are the best options:

#Leafy greens

Salads are good and consider the kale, spinach, chard since they are tasty, low in calories and carbs and healthy.


This nut is amazing for proteins and is a mix of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats for lowering the cholesterol and risks of diabetes problems. In 1 oz of these nuts you have 50 pieces.

#Low calorie drinks

Having plain water is amazing but some fruits and veggies are good to be added too. Cut up cucumbers and lemons and toss them with ice in the water. If you like tea, add cinnamon stick or have ice cold tea as juice. They are low in carbs and fill you up more.

#Cooked, roasted and raw veggies

Have veggies for more nutrients and vitamins. Eat them cooked, raw and roasted or make them as dip for meals like salsa, guacamole and hummus. Opt for low carb veggies for more vitamins and minerals.

#Lime and avocado slices

This is a superfood and is the healthiest snack with monounsaturated fats. Make avocado slices and top them with lime slices and a bit salt. But, keep in mind that avocados have many fats and calories so be wise here. ½ cup avocados has 120 calories.


These are just a few of the many healthy snacks for blood sugar regulation and satiety. You can make them simple and fast and by the way get all the nutrients you need for the health.


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