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Even if your first warm drink in the morning is coffee, you should be careful if you experience these eight signs that you exaggerate with caffeine. Many of us start day with coffee, also some people consume soft drinks and energy drinks, all those unhealthy habits can lead to so-called caffeine addiction.

Read these eight signs that you exaggerate with caffeine and prevent caffeine addiction:

  • When you have unexplained headache – you missed one dose of coffee, and your body reacts this way? It’s time to start continuously reducing your daily amount of caffeine.
  • Your heart works intensively – some people feel this even after a sip of coffee.
  • When you feel inexplicable anxiety – perhaps the reason is just a cup of coffee.


           You are lazy – if you feel bad before drinking coffee, and the moment when you drink the first sip is way better, maybe you are coffee addict.
  • Can’t sleep – clear sign that you exaggerate with caffeine.
  • Caffeine no longer affects you at all – you can drink a few cups of coffee and after that still feel sleepy.
  • Hunger is bothering you – some people believe that, when they drink coffee, they feel satiated, but on the contrary, coffee can cause unexplained hunger.
  • Simply, you can’t spend a single day without coffee – if there is no coffee, you are having a panic attack? This is the last of the eight signs that you exaggerate with caffeine, so if you have any of these signs, it’s time to reduce your daily amount of caffeine.
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